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It’s looking to be no breaks or tears. All normal pain from a collision. I’m being prescribed an anti inflammatory and pain medication as well as a medication for muscle spasms.

This impacts my birthday plans in that I will not be able to drink. Or stand for long. And I shouldn’t technically be driving. But I’m a rule breaker. And I will not take medication on Thursday so I can go have fun and celebrate.

I won’t allow this minor bump in the road affect my birthday. Just be careful with me. I’m fragile. Gonna break if pushed too far.

Thanks guys

I wrote a huge thing and it deleted it. Wtf app. Anyway. Everything is under control. I’m waiting and resting for my doctors appointment. I filed a claim. Have a rental. My car has upwards of 7 grand in damage. But I’m alright. Banged up and hurt but alright. I haven’t taken any meds because I’m waiting for the doctor to prescribe me things. I plan to rest all tomorrow. And continue my birthday plans unaffected by this minor road bump.

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